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In an episode titled, 'Why is mental health often misunderstood', What's Eating My Mind Director, Noella Luka shares her experience with Mpho Lakaje and they explore the dynamics of mental health in Africa


Noella was recently hosted on Legally Clueless Podcast by Adelle Onyango. She shares her authentic experience from the moment she was diagnosed with #bipolardisorder in 2016, opening up about the stigma, side effects of medication, the importance of support from caregivers, gaps in mental health policy and so much more.

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One of the most powerful ways we can have an impact in the mental health space is by sharing our stories. Thank you to Shalini Bhala and Mugambi Nthiga for giving Noella a platform to delve deeper into her experiences in 'Whats Eating My Mind' in the 'Mindfulness, Music and More' podcast.

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In this episode of 'Mentor Talks', Noella talks about her personal mental health journey, how she’s working to destigmatize mental health treatment in Kenya, and she shares her tips on supporting family and friends living with mental illness.

Mentor Talks is an initiative of the U.S.A Department of State


Our friend and cast of 'Whats Eating My Mind' Nicholas Osir was recently hosted by Shalini Bhalla and Mugambi Nthiga at Capital FM's'Mindfulness, Music and More'.🙌🏾

If you've watched the film, you understand how important Nick's story is, especially in addressing some of the distressing ways that some communities both in Africa and abroad deal with #mentalhealthillness.

He delves deeper into his experience in this podcast.


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