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Where to watch

What's Eating My Mind is available to watch on BBC Africa Eye Youtube page. We are also working on organizing community screenings in select locations within Kenya where you can come watch the film, engage with the film makers, and talk about mental health.

Are you interested in partnering with us to host a screening? Fill this form and we'll be in touch:

Join us for a screening at a location near you.



The Baobab Tree Live Film Event

Venue: Kanga Studios, 189 Loresho Ridge

Date: Friday, 12th May 2023

Time: 6:00pm

(Private event)

leo local.png


Screening at Leo Project, Nanyuki

Venue: Leo Project, Nanyuki

Date: Thursday, 4th May 2023

Time: 6:00pm

(FREE ENTRY: Open to the public)

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